She Gave - A Women's Giving Circle

We're grateful to the following women who have joined the She Gave Women's Giving Circle and make a difference in the lives of so many (membership list as December 21. 2023):

  • Dee Altenbaumer*
  • I'keryah Anderson
  • Tanya Andricks
  • Breanne Aschermann
  • Susan Avery*
  • Emily Barnes
  • Nicole Bateman
  • Marci Baumann
  • Missy Batman
  • Natalie Beck*
  • Julie Bilbrey
  • Debra Bogle-Leonard
  • Amy Brammer
  • Megan Breheny-Bennett
  • Nancy Brodbeck
  • Jamie Brunner
  • Kiley Brunner
  • Kathy Byerly
  • Kenraylee Carr
  • Chasity Casey
  • Laura Cornille-Cannady
  • Hailee Clark
  • Lindsey Craycraft
  • Aly Delatte
  • Kara Demirjian-Huss*
  • Jillian Devereux-Peters
  • Linda Doom
  • Richelle Dunbar
  • Kathleen Edgecombe
  • Kim Ervin
  • Jami Fawley
  • Niki Fenderson
  • Kim Fields
  • Becky Ford
  • Kim Fouse
  • Amy Frazier
  • Lori Fuerstenberg
  • Kelly Gagnon
  • Mary Garrison
  • Amber Gebben
  • Andrea Gerhard
  • Tina M. German-Roberts
  • Shani Goss
  • Alida Graham
  • Ashlen Grayned
  • Ashley Grayned
  • Kristin Grohne
  • Nancy Handegan
  • Liz Handley
  • Charlotte Hanks
  • Ellen Hearn
  • Leslie Hein
  • Amber Hooker
  • Kathleen Horath
  • Linda Huck
  • Kim Hurm
  • Lynn Hymes
  • Linda Ippel
  • Cherri Johnson
  • Kamryn Johnson
  • Amanda Jones
  • Buffi Jo Kaufman
  • Deb Hale Kirchner
  • Stephanie Kreke
  • Jenny Lambdin
  • Lois Lehnhardt
  • Cindy Lewis
  • Kathy Locke
  • Veronica Logan
  • Megan Lugari-Smith
  • Becky Lutt*
  • Shondra Lynch
  • Shamika Madison
  • Cathy Mansur
  • Allison Matusin
  • A'Precious McClennon
  • Dr. Mary McGrath
  • Emily Miller
  • Karla Miller
  • Johnette Mitchell
  • Holly Moore
  • Julie Moore Wolfe
  • Kaye Moran
  • Rachel Moran
  • Dr. Juanita Morris*
  • Nia Morris
  • Jamie Muscato
  • Kristin Noland
  • Logan Noland
  • Tina Noland*
  • Connie Ogden
  • Julie Pangrac
  • Rikki Parker
  • Libby Pasquariello
  • Eva Patrick
  • Michelle Peitz
  • Sarah Peterson
  • Maggy Pugh
  • Dr. Dana Ray
  • Carol Reed*
  • Gussie Reed
  • Jill Reedy
  • JaLynn Reid
  • LaTonya Ricks
  • Brooklan Roberts
  • Cady Roberts*
  • Kristen Robinson
  • Marcy Rood
  • Linda Rowden
  • Amy Rueff
  • Sharon Samuelson
  • Melanie Schelling*
  • Peg Schmalz*
  • Kristin Schrock
  • Marie Shaffer
  • Christina Shields
  • Julie Shields
  • Vicky Shugart
  • McKenzie Sloan
  • Blaine Smith
  • Lucy Smith*
  • Kathy Sorensen
  • Molly Strader-Fruit*
  • Julie Stalets
  • Beth Stringer
  • Abby Svoboda
  • Darsonya Switzer
  • Betsy Tanner
  • Caroline Tanner
  • Sheryol Threewit
  • Danielle Toby
  • Megan Vieweg
  • Katie Warnick
  • Jessica Whitlock
  • Amanda Wiese
  • Rocki Wilkerson
  • Janiya Williams
  • Melverta Wilkins
  • Desiree Wright
  • Stacey Young
  • Dawn Yuhas

Honorarium Membership: Ann Haab (1937-2023)

Honorarium Membership: Judy Locke (1936-2023)

*Denotes lifetime membership

A fund dedicated to engaging women of all generations in the power of community philanthropy.

We invite you to join a diverse group of community-minded women who want to improve and enrich the lives of women and girls in Macon County. Our mission is to invest in the economic self-sufficiency of women and opportunities for girls in our community. We know that women and girls have what it takes to lead us all to a brighter future when given the resources to do so. Become a part of this extraordinary group today - the larger our circle grows, the greater the impact on our community.

The She Gave Women's Giving Circle brings together women with common interests to learn about community issues and effective philanthropy. Members of the She Said Women's Giving Circle will pool their donations and decide together to make grants that have an impact on local issues.

Members make a minimum annual contribution (or contribute a $5,000 lifetime donation) to the She Gave Women's Giving Circle. Your investment also entitles you to invitations to She Gave VIP activities and events and to cast a vote at an annual meeting to decide how the circle’s pooled funds should be granted to local organizations.

The She Gave Women's Giving Circle Fund is an endowed fund under the auspices of the Community Foundation of Macon County (CFMC). The CFMC provides She Gave with fund management and administration support, $50 of annual dues support administrative costs, marketing and events for the giving circle. Additionally, annually 1% of the fund balance affords She Gave with professional investment management.

An endowment is a permanent fund established where the principal remains intact and a specific percentage is distributed annually. The She Gave fund will have a 5% annual distribution to fund grants. However, in April 2024, the She Gave Women's Giving Circle will be awarding a minimum of $20,000 in area grants following a generous lead gift from the Ann Haab estate.

She Gave - A Women's Giving Circle is a member of Philanos, the leading national women's giving circle network.


Membership is open to any woman who desires to further the mission and goal of the She Gave Women's Giving Circle through financial support.

The She Gave Women's Giving Circle is pleased to offer four membership levels:

  • Membership for women age 40 and over: $500 per year (may be paid in two installments $300, $200; or 10 installments of $50/month)
  • Membership for women age 22 to 39 and under: $250 per year (may be paid in two installments $150, $100; or 5 installments of $50/month)
  • Membership for young women age 12-21: $100 per year (may be paid in two installments of $50)
  • Lifetime membership: $5,000 (may be paid in two installments $2,500, $2,500)

New members can "join" and existing members can "renew" at any time during the calendar year.

We offer three different payment options: online via credit card, mail a check or CFMC Donor Advised Fund (DAF) transfer.

To pay online: Access this link to join, enter your donation amount and in the additional notes box, please enter your birthday and if you're paying in two installments, and then select add to cart and follow instructions to check out.

To pay via check: Print the invoice and complete the information.

Make the check payable to: The Community Foundation of Macon County

In the purpose section insert: She Gave Women's Giving Circle

Mail the check and invoice to: The Community Foundation of Macon County, 101 South Main, Suite 400, Decatur, IL 62523

To pay via CFMC Donor Advised Fund (DAF):

Login to your donor advised fund (DAF)account.

Select the following for an internal grant: She Gave Women's Giving Circle

Then indicate the amount of your donation.

Or, contact a member of the CFMC staff to transfer your donation.

What She Gave Membership Means

Members of the She Gave Women's Giving Circle:

  • Collaborate and network with a diverse group of generous women who value improving opportunities for women and girls in Macon County.
  • Learn about community issues and effective philanthropy.
  • Share the joy of giving - together!
  • Attend funding luncheons, hear from local nonprofit organizations, decide together issues to support, review grant applications and make funding decisions together.
  • Receive complimentary attendance to annual membership luncheon, annual funding luncheon, VIP After Party for That's What She Said, and an annual wine and cheese holiday party.

Reasons to Join:

  • Make new friends
  • Be more equitable in your giving
  • Build or share power
  • Build your network
  • Make systemic change for a specific issues you care about
  • Learn more about your community and the field of philanthropy

Upcoming Events

  • March 2, Voting for Funding Luncheon at Richland Community College
  • April 6, VIP party at the Decatur Club following That's What She Said Event (must purchase individual ticket to the event at the Lincoln Theater).
  • September 28, Raise the Bar Annual Membership Luncheon at Richland Community College

Other opportunities to participate in social, networking, volunteer, educational and grant funding events.

2023-2024 Advisory Board and Membership List

The She Gave Women's Giving Circle has an advisory board composed of 13 female community members.

Our 2023-2024 advisory board members are philanthropists, leaders, community builders, advocates, and communicators - and a resource for our donors and nonprofit partners working to improve the lives of women and girls in Macon County.

  • Susan Avery
  • Natalie Beck, CFMC staff liaison
  • Jamie Brunner
  • Shani Goss
  • Ashley Grayned
  • Johnette Mitchell
  • Dr. Juanita Morris - Chair
  • Jill Reedy
  • Melanie Schelling
  • McKenzie Sloan
  • Lucy Smith
  • Abby Svoboda - Vice Chair
  • Betsy Tanner

All advisory board members must be current in their financial commitment (annual donation) to She Gave. Officers of the advisory board shall consist of a chair (or co-chairs) and vice chair (or co-vice chairs) to be elected for a two-year term at the board's October 2023 meeting.

Once the giving circle has completed its first two years, additional advisory board officers will be elected at the annual membership meeting.

Once the giving circle has completed three years, new advisory board members and those standing for a second term shall be elected by a majority of the membership in attendance at the annual meeting.

Advisory Board Meetings:

Mondays, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

  • January 8
  • February 5
  • March 4
  • April 8
  • May 6
  • June 3
  • July 8
  • August 5
  • September 9
  • Promote the She Gave giving circle
  • Make annual contribution
  • Plan for the future
  • Review rules and procedures
  • Establish grantmaking priorities and strategies
  • Make grant recommendations
  • Monitor grants and evaluate past grants
  • Keep informed on issues pertinent to the women's fund and women and girls in our community