Scholarships Requiring Essays

Most scholarships through The Community Foundation require an essay to be written to find the most suitable award recipient.

Foundant Essay Question

(required by most scholarships)

One-page essay should answer the following:

  • What are your educational goals and how do you plan to achieve them while attending college?
  • What are your long-term or career goals/plans and what steps will you take to achieve them?
  • What personal characteristics or experiences qualify you to receive a scholarship?

Ad Club Scholarship

Describe your volunteer activities and the impact those activities have had on your life in a 300-word essay.

AFSCME Scholarship

Write a 300-word essay on "How has the Union impacted you or your family?"

Lynn D. Augustine Memorial Scholarship

Submit a 100-word personal statement.

Roberta K. Gorden Scholarship

Submit a 300-word essay describing the importance and value of work and your work experience.

L. Mark Hanover Memorial Scholarship

Submit an essay regarding motivation for selecting your major and long-term goals. Also, a recommendation from a science teacher is required.

Curtis R. and Georgia Ann Pelz Scholarship

Submit an essay about the motivation for selecting your major and your long-term goals.

Norman Lee Stewart Education Scholarship

Submit a 500-word essay about a teacher, book, work of art, or piece of music that has influenced or changed your life.

Robert G. Turner Memorial Scholarship

Submit a 500-word essay which ponders your greatest weakness and provide an example of how this has been overcome.

Robin Vogel Memorial Scholarship

Submit a 300-word essay describing an occasion in your life when you made a decision you later regretted. How did this experience change you? What did you learn?

Young Leaders in Action Scholarship

Submit a 500-word essay describing how your leadership and service has made a positive difference in your school, in your community, in your family, and/or on the job, and how it will continue to make a difference in college and beyond.