Our Team
Dr. Jarmese Sherrod

Position: YLIA Facilitator

Phone: 217-429-3000

E-mail: JSherrod@maconcountygives.org

My vision for the leaders who join Young Leaders in Action is simple...to help students discover their purpose, awaken their passion and to inspire them to lead with a heart of service,

Dr. Sherrod has more than 20 years experience in teaching, mentoring and empowering young people. A professor at Richland Community College, she teachers English and Media. Dr. Sherrod is also CEO and founder of Sherrod's Independent Mentoring Program (SIMP), an organization focused on academic advising, mentoring and youth development. Dr. Sherrod earned her undergraduate degree in radio and television from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and her masters degree in journalism from Roosevelt University Chicago. She then attended the University of Illinois at Chicago to complete her doctorate in education curriculum and instruction with a specialization in curriculum design.