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Ripple Foundation, The

When Wade Ripple's father was tragically killed in a car wreck, his life was turned upside down instantly. But through the grief and loss, he and his family have chose to honor and celebrate the life of Chris Ripple as they left bitterness at the door. One recent project was to host a motor show with proceeds from the event used to purchase and restore a van to be donated through Northeast Community Fund to a Macon County family in need.

Member's Wish List

Item/Purpose $ Amount % Funded
Car Seat
We would like to provide a new and safe car seat to recipient of RMS Donation Van, if applicable.
Cleaning/Car Care Kit
Chris Ripple was notoriously known for having a Grade-A vehicle care kit. Anytime you needed to clean or detail your car on a budget, you could always borrow supplies from him. We would like to keep this memory alive by putting together a well-stocked cleaning kit for recipient of RMS Donation Van. Items will include: quality carrying caddy. interior wipes, tire shine, air fresheners, carpet cleaner, turtle wax, drying cloth and other car care essentials.
100% funded
Family Mini-Van
2022 Ripple Motor Show Donation van. This vehicle can be under 10k range. Must have decent mileage, body, minimal rust and be mechanically sound. It will be given a proper facelift prior to big reveal at Ripple Motor Show. After event, vehicle will be donated to Northeast Community Fund.
Gas Cards
These gas cards will be given to the recipient of our RMS Donation Van. Our goal is to cover their gas expenses for their first year of ownership.
Insurance Policy
Insurance Policy covered in full for first year of ownership of RMS Donation Van.
New Set of Tires
Cover cost and installation of brand new all-weather tires on RMS Donation Van.
Oil Changes/Vehicle Maintenance
Oil change gift cards or comparable to cover first year of maintenance of RMS Donation Van.