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Richland Community College Foundation

The mission of Richland Community College is to provide innovative educational environments, opportunities, and experiences that enable individuals, communities, and the region to grow, thrive, and prosper.

Member's Wish List

Item/Purpose $ Amount % Funded
$25 Gas Cards (100)
Gas cards for students to ensure that the rising cost of fuel does not create a barrier for continuing their education at Richland Community College.
20-Ride Punch Card (50)
Ambulance (used, but drivable)
A used, but drivable Ambulance would allow Richland faculty to provide real-life, hands-on learning to Richland EMT & EMS students.
Digital Timers, Markers, Pencils, and Paper
Materials to be utilized for Project Read Plus
100% funded
Equipment and T-Shirts for Student Intramural Sports
100% funded
Hanging Skeleton
To compliment the recent renovation of the science labs - a new skeleton would be a great asset to Anatomy & Physiology courses as it not only shows all the bones but also where the different muscles originate on the bones. r
Human Brain Model
To be utilized for Biology Class
100% funded
Laptops (10)
With over half of our students taking classes online, laptops are essential to ensuring access to Richland courses and resources. Cost is $500 each. r