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Greater St. Louis Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America

The Greater St. Louis Area Council of Boy Scouts of America provides educational programs that build character, teach participatory citizenship and develop personal fitness.

Member's Wish List

Item/Purpose $ Amount % Funded
Laptops - Employee Use (12)
Updated laptops to equip the employees supervised through the Decatur Service Center. These enable our executives to work from the field & at home to provide service to our volunteers and community members. Donation includes hardware, warranty & IT support.
Mobile S.T.E.M. Lab
Serving the greater Decatur area, a S.T.E.M. van would help deliver hands-on, innovating programming to youth in the area. The donation includes the price of a van ($36,000), program materials ($19,000), and staffing for a year ($5,000)
S.A.F.E Archery Education Range
Inflatable range will be used for educating youth on archery safety, youth recruitment and community programming.
Shooting Education Range
Inflatable B.B. Gun range for educating youth on firearm safety, youth recruitment, and community programming