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Decatur Public Schools Foundation

Our mission is to acquire and distribute resources to Decatur Public Schools District 61 to enhance, enrich, and encourage learning opportunities.

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African-American Biographies and Picture Books
District 61 schools seek to ensure that library selections for students are reflective of their community and representative of young people of all ethnicities. Intentionally providing titles that speak to these issues contributes to building dialogue between students of every background. Cost is per-building to provide age-appropriate sets for each age group: Kindergarten through 2nd Grade volumes; 3rd grade through 5th; and 6th, 7th, 8th Grades. The Decatur Public Schools have 12 buildings serving these students. (Five traditional elementary buildings, six specialty Kindergarten through 8th Grade buildings and one traditional middle school.)
100% funded
MacArthur High School Greenhouse
Two generous local donors have contributed $40,000 to fund the purchase of a greenhouse for MacArthur High School’s Agriculture program. The initial $40,000 contribution covers the purchase cost and engineering for the structure. An additional $17,500 will provide sitework, footings, water and electric to erect the building. Eisenhower’s greenhouse has served both high school buildings to date, but the program has grown from 202 students Year 1 (2018) to 435 students currently (Year 4); adding this matching greenhouse at MacArthur will accommodate program expansion and provide the same horticulture courses at both high schools.
Parson's Elementary School Art and Culture project celebrating the 56th year Founder's Day
The project is called Art and Culture, it will be a class taught by a local artist, Antonio Burton, of ABL Artwork. The focus will be Community and Culture through an artist's lens. The class will focus on learning the history and celebrating the history of Parsons Elementary culminating in an art show to celebrate our 56th year Founder's Day.
Sound-Dampening Stage Curtains
South Shores Elementary and American Dreamer STEM Academy are both in need of sound dampening curtains to improve the stage areas at each building ($3,000 per set, $6,000 to fund purchases for both schools). Both buildings benefitted from renovations during the past year, but internal funding has not been available to cover this request.
Special Education High School Theatre
Instill inspiration for those who truly appreciate a great audience! Your gift will encourage special needs students to step outside their comfort zone and into the spotlight.
100% funded
Stephen Decatur Middle School Necessity Stations
The purpose of these areas is to provide personal items that the students of SDMS might need immediately at school or take home to use. We provide shampoo/conditioner, soap/body wash, deodorant, toothpaste/brushes, combs/brushes/picks, scrunchies/hair ties, socks, hand lotion, lip balm, pads/tampons, school supplies, and anything else they may need upon request. Necessity Stations also provide healthy snacks they can grab throughout the day if they are hungry. The smaller size/not quite travel size items are what the kids feel comfortable taking because they can easily put them in a pocket, and no one is the wiser. However, if they need a larger quantity at home, counselors do have backpacks that can be filled with larger items to send home with them. To fully fund for the year, it would take approximately $2,000 for two stations, one on each end of the building.