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Children's Museum of Illinois

Children’s Museum of Illinois is a hands-on, interactive museum for children ages three to twelve. Its exhibits and activities complement and enhance children’s educational opportunities, particularly in the arts and sciences. The museum contributes to the community’s quality of life as an educational facility, visitor attraction, family activity destination, and site for volunteerism.

Member's Wish List

Item/Purpose $ Amount % Funded
Bubble Booth
Kids can stand in a circle and a bubble forms around them. Our old exhibit was a fan favorite and we would love to bring it back to the museum
Dawn Dish Soap for Bubble Table
100% funded
Heroes Hall fun lights
Installation of a fully programmable decorative lighting system in Heroes Hall. The project will add color and joy to the Museum every day and will add a little extra joy during the holidays. Project cost includes installation.
Magnetic Ball Wall
The ball wall allows kids to construct intricate tracks, tubes and tunnels for magnetized balls to travel down. It teaches kids about momentum, encourages teamwork, and develops problem solving skills.
New Ducks
We are needing new rubber racing ducks utilized for Duck Derby to replace the current ones we have.
Remaining Funds for Tower Crane Exhibit
$15,000 has already been raised. Will be placed in the Ready, Set, Build! exhibit space
100% funded
Repairs and Updates to Drainage System for Building
We need to dig and install PVC piping around a majority of the building to reduce leaks and flooding caused by improper drainage of our current drainage system.
Small 3-D Printer
100% funded