Macon County Legacy Group

Macon County Legacy brings professionals and nonprofits together to help lift up Macon County residents.

We have a special role in our community. Our two entities within the group—professionals and non-profit organizations — work together with The Community Foundation of Macon County to help donors find the financial expertise they desire while easily finding areas of need in our community.

Professional Members

Professional members get the opportunity to connect with donors and utilize The Community Foundation’s vast resources. They advise donors on identifying resources and opportunities for charitable giving and endowments.

Nonprofit Members

The resources available to our nonprofit members are outstanding! In addition to gaining the ability to connect with donors, these organizations can also apply for microgrants to help offset the costs of training and conferences.

Members are also given the opportunity to participate in educational luncheons throughout the year. They are recognized in promotional materials and through our annual marketing campaigns.

Plus, nonprofit members are highlighted on our website and have the option to create wish lists to showcase current needs to potential donors.

Membership Fees

The annual fee for being a part of the Macon County Legacy Group is $200 which gets you invaluable lifelong connections.

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