Macon County Legacy

This important group raises awareness of the importance of leaving a legacy gift to your community.

Macon County Legacy is a membership group of charitable organizations and professional advisors - accountants, attorneys, wealth managers, financial advisors - who encourage supporters, donors, volunteers, and clients to include a gift to charity in their wills or estate plans.

Macon County Legacy Steering Committee Members

These dedicated committee members ensure that organizations that are part of the Macon County Legacy group are fulfilling the mission of The Community Foundation.

  • Cindy Bardeleben, Executive Director - Baby Talk
  • Natalie Beck, President - Community Foundation of Macon County
  • Debbie Bogle, President - United Way of Decatur & Mid-Illinois
  • Shanell Debela, Lieutenant - Decatur Salvation Army
  • Jerry Johnson, Executive Director - Decatur Area Arts Council
  • Shamika Madison, Executive Director - Boys & Girls Club
  • Julie Melton, Executive Director - Richland Community College Foundation
  • Zach Shields, Executive Director - Decatur Public Schools Foundation


Microgrants are strategic investments in people and organizations to be used to defray the cost of attending programs targeted at improving the management, governance and leadership of the applicant organization.

Member Wish Lists

One of many benefits our member organizations receive is the ability to get their wish lists in front of potential donors. The wish list page fosters an environment of sharing and giving. Only Macon County Legacy members may participate in our wish list. The wish list is continually updated as Legacy members submit new items. Members are limited to sharing five items or projects on our wish list at any time. Wish list items or projects can be sent to Candra Reed.

Do Something Great Awards

Each year the Macon County Legacy group recognizes those in the community who have made a huge impact. Learn more about this community recognition program by clicking here.

How to join Macon County Legacy

Charitable organizations and professional advisers who wish to join Macon County Legacy can call 217.429.3000 to learn how to join.