The Impact100 Grant Program contributes $100,000 annually in community grants to not-for-profit organizations in Macon County.

The Community Foundation of Macon County is devoted to enhancing the quality of life in Macon County and enriching our community now and in the future. We work with our generous donors to help meet the pressing needs in our society and build upon great ideas for our future.

The Community Foundation provides leadership and resources to help achieve positive change, representing the work of many hearts and hands spanning years of dedication to Macon County.

It is through this work and spirit of generosity the Impact100 Grant program was created. Each year, the Impact100 program provides $100,000 in Macon County community grants. The 2020 funding priority is for organizations and programs that support social justice, opportunity and inclusion.

We imagine a community where everyone thrives. Where we can walk down our streets and know that we belong. Where we can earn a good salary, live in a safe and affordable home, and have a chance to shape the decisions that affect our communities. Where our prospects for success have no relationship to our zip code or the color of our skin.

2020 Program Details

2020 Funding Focus

Through the Impact100 Grant Program, The Community Foundation of Macon County aims to build community capacity and support individual and community well-being. The 2020 funding focus is social justice and inclusion.


Preference in funding is given to programs and organizations that assist and impact the following:

  • People of color
  • Youth and young adults of color ages 11-24 years old
  • People who have been incarcerated
  • Immigrants
  • Vulnerable and marginalized populations
  • Families with low incomes and very low incomes.

The hosting organization/agency must be located in and have a governing board in Macon County, Illinois.

How much funding is available

  • Total amount of funding available: $100,000
  • Minimum grant amount: $2,500
  • Maximum grant amount per organization: $20,000


  • Have 501(c) 3 status from the Internal Revenue Service or be a qualified charitable, religious or government organization.
  • An organization must have been in existence for at least two years (based on the date of IRS determination letter) and have achieved a record of effective service and sustainability.
  • Organization must be located in Macon County, Illinois.

Funding Target

  • We prioritize organizations that demonstrate a commitment to racial and economic equity.
  • We are looking for organizations/programs that engage, mobilize and service people of color and low-income individuals.
  • Innovative organizations/projects offering creative solutions without duplicating other efforts and/or support for gaps in existing programs.


  • Provide evidence of sound management and administration.
  • Document capacity to mobilize resources including financial support, in-kind support, partnerships and volunteers to sustain programs where appropriate.
  • Demonstrate organizational expertise in delivering quality programs and services.

What else do we consider when making funding decisions?

  • Commitment to racial equity and economic inclusion
  • Focus on systemic and policy change as well as measurable impact
  • Organization or program is led by a person of color
  • Executive leadership, board and staff are representative of communities the organization serves

Needs and Impact

  • Provide evidence of planning to address community needs.
  • Include a statement regarding projected outcomes as result of the grant.


  • July 1, 2020: Application period opens
  • July 13, 2020 Zoom conference to address frequently asked questions
  • August 20, 2020: Applications due at 5 p.m. (there will be no technical assistance after 5:00 p.m. CST)
  • September 11, 2020: Grant announcements made

More Information

Questions about the competitive grant cycle and application process should be directed to Terrence "TAT" Taylor, or by calling 217-429-3000.

2019 Program Details

In 2019, The Community Foundation of Macon County awarded eleven grants to Macon County Organizations through the Impact100 Grant Program. The funding priority for the 2019 grant cycle was education and youth programs serving adolescents, ages birth through 18. Eligibility included but was not limited to:

  • Expanding educational opportunities, fostering creativity, and enhancing academic experiences for youth in Macon County
  • Promoting opportunities for youth service, leadership, and development.
  • Supporting programs working with disadvantaged youth and families
  • Providing training and support for educators/providers/families

The recipients of the 2019 Impact100 Grants were notified of their award by June 30 and all grantees were visited by Community Foundation Staff and Board Members to learn more on the impact the organizations have on the citizens of Macon County. The Community Foundation hopes that this program will continue beyond the initial three years, and other donors will contribute to help it grow.

2019 Award Winners

  • Decatur Junior Football League - $10,000
  • Chess Team South Shores Elementary - $10,000
  • Mt. Zion Braves Social and Emotional Learning Project - $10,000
  • Sangamon Valley Post-Secondary Education Initiative -$10,000
  • STARR (School for Therapeutic and Recreational Riding) -$10,000
  • Experience ART: Field Trips -$5,000
  • Head Start STEM Labs -$10,000
  • Eisenhower High School Band Instruments -$10,000
  • Enhancing Workplace Learning Experiences for High School Students -$10,000
  • Kids Club of Decatur -$5,000
  • TECH Go Camp -$10,000

Impact100 Grant Program

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