Emergency Response Fund Grants to Macon County Nonprofit Organizations

As of February 18, 2021


$65,000 (split into two grants)

Utility/financial/medical assistance for individuals and domestic violence support/operations

Decatur Township

$51,000 (split into two grants)

Utility/financial assistance for individuals

DPS District 61


Equity tech for children

Decatur Family YMCA

$28,300 (split into four grants)

Emergency childcare/vulnerable populations/children


$24,500 (split into two grants)

Vulnerable populations and tech support

Webster Cantrell Hall Youth Advocacy


Vulnerable populations/children/tech support

Heritage Behavioral Health


Vulnerable populations/children

Boys & Girls Club of Decatur


Vulnerable populations/children

Water Street Mission


Vulnerable populations

Microgrants for video/public service announcements


Community engagement/education

Northeast Community Fund

$10,648 (split into two grants)

Food pantry support

Big Brothers/Big Sisters


Vulnerable populations/children

Careage House


Emergency housing

Children’s Museum of Illinois

$9,000 (split into two grants)

Emergency operations

Richland Community College Foundation

$7,500 (split into two grants)

Food pantry support/student assistance

Baby Talk


Vulnerable populations/children



Vulnerable populations/children

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois


Emergency Operations/food pantry support

God’s Shelter of Love


Vulnerable populations/operations

The Interchurch Council of Blue Mound

$5,000 (split into two grants)

Food pantry support

Macon County Legacy


Nonprofit support

United Way of Decatur & Mid-Illinois


Community engagement



Community engagement/food support

Reasonable Service


Food pantry support

Community Collaborative PPE Production


Medical support

Salvation Army of Decatur and Macon County


Prescription Assistance Program



Tech support for financial assistance program

Decatur Area Arts Council


Community engagement