Emergency Response Fund Grants to Macon County Nonprofit Organizations

As of May 14, 2020


$65,000 (split into two grants)

Utility/financial/medical assistance for individuals and domestic violence support/operations

Decatur Township

$50,000 (split into two grants)

Utility/financial assistance for individuals

DPS District 61


Equity tech for children

Decatur Family YMCA

$24,800 (split into three grants)

Emergency childcare/vulnerable populations/children


$24,500 (split into two grants)

Vulnerable populations and tech support

Webster Cantrell Hall Youth Advocacy


Vulnerable populations/children/tech support

Heritage Behavioral Health


Vulnerable populations

Boys & Girls Club

$17,500 (split into two grants)

Vulnerable populations/children

Northeast Community Fund

$10,648 (split into two grants)

Food pantry support

Big Brothers/Big Sisters


Vulnerable populations/children

Richland Community College Foundation

$7,500 (split into two grants)

Food pantry support/student assistance

Baby Talk


Vulnerable populations/children



Vulnerable populations/children

Community Collaborative PPE Production


Medical support

Girl Scouts of Central Illinois


Emergency operations/food pantry support

Children’s Museum of Illinois


Emergency operations

God’s Shelter of Love


Vulnerable populations/operations

The Interchurch Council of Blue Mound

$5,000 (split into two grants)

Food pantry support

United Way of Decatur & Mid-Illinois


Community engagement

Reasonable Service


Food pantry support



Tech support for financial assistance program

Decatur Area Arts Council


Community engagement