CommunityWorks Endowment

“The overall purpose of CommunityWorks is to provide a coordinated, systems-based approach toward the achievement of community aspirations,” says CFMC Foundation President Natalie Beck. “This endowed fund provides grants to area organizations and institutions whose efforts further the vision of a sustainable community in select priority areas of workforce development, education and environmental sustainability.”

In 2005, The Community Foundation of Macon County was one of 18 initial community foundations selected to participate in the Illinois Communityworks Endowment program. The CFMC raised local dollars, which were matched by the Grand Victoria Foundation, to create an endowment for Macon County that is used in the areas of workforce development and childhood education initiatives.

2021 CommunityWorks Grant Assistance Total Funding: $234,000


  • In 2021, the CommunityWorks Fund grants supported two areas: workforce development and education in Macon County. Targeting the grants to these two areas is based on the belief that by improving these areas, we can directly impact the quality of life in our community. Within each area, we identified focus points:
  • Workforce Development
    • Job retention and career advancement
    • Job creation
    • Access/transportation options to jobs
    • Adult literacy
  • Education
    • Increase access to quality, affordable education
    • Expand availability of quality childcare facilities
    • Strengthen educational programs and management capacities

Eligibility Requirements

  • Organization must have 501(c) 3 status from the Internal Revenue Service or be a qualified charitable, religious or government organization
  • Organization must be located in Macon County, Illinois
  • Organizations demonstrating a commitment to racial and economic equity are prioritized


  • Provide evidence of sound management and administration
  • Document capacity to mobilize resources, including financial support, in-kind support, partnerships and volunteers to sustain programs where appropriate
  • Demonstrate organizational expertise in delivering quality programs and services

What else is considered in the funding decisions?

  • Commitment to racial equity and economic inclusion
  • The evaluation process may include an on-site visits by Foundation representatives
  • Executive leadership, board and staff are representative of communities the organization serves
  • The visibility and impact of the project should be apparent

Needs and impact

  • Provide evidence of planning to address community needs
  • Include a statement regarding projected outcomes as result of the grant

More information

Questions about the CommunityWorks competitive grant cycle and application process should be directed to CFMC Director of Strategic Grantmaking Tony Holly at or by calling 217.429.3000.