Past CommunityWorks Grant Recipients

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Grants were awarded in the areas of environment, workforce development and education. The 2022 CommunityWorks grant recipients, individual awards and proposed programs:

  • BabyTalk, $5,000, Children's Memorial Garden
  • Decatur Family YMCA, $5,000, Camp Sokkia
  • Macon County Community Environmental Council , $8,500, Control of non-native invasive species at Lincoln Trail Homestead Park
  • BabyTalk, $10,000, STEPS program
  • Girls Scouts of Central Illinois, $15,000, G.I.R.L. Outreach program
  • The Good Samaritan Inn, $15,000, Mercy Gardens
  • Macon County CASA, $15,000, Enhanced Educational Advocacy Program
  • Community Missions First, $18,000, Community Growth and Investment Initiative
  • Macon-Piatt Regional Office, $18,500, Skills Special Needs Summer Respite
  • Millikin University, $20,000, Robotics Summer Workshop
  • Prairieland Service Coordination, $20,000, Accessing Community Employment Program
  • Richland Community College, $20,000, RESTORE Tutoring with Project Read
  • The Salvation Army of Decatur, $30,000, Workforce Development for Homeless Men

The 2021 CommunityWorks grant recipients, individual awards and proposed programs:

  • The Salvation Army of Decatur & Macon County, $7,000, “Education and Employment Opportunities Serving Adults with Children and Homeless”
  • Millikin University, $10,000, “Long-Vanderburg Scholars Program”
  • Community Mission, $10,000, “First Community Connections”
  • Boys & Girls Club of Decatur, $20,000, “Project Learn”
  • Decatur Family YMCA, $20,000, “Before/After School & Summer Day Camp Program”
  • Macon Resources, Inc. (MRI), $20,000, “MRI Job Training Program”
  • Richland Community College, $25,000, “Scholarships—Bridging the Gap Between Education and Workforce”
  • Decatur Public Schools Foundation, $50,000, “DPS Prep Academy”
  • Workforce Investment Solutions, $72,000, “Workforce Career Pathways Project”

The 2020 CommunityWorks grant recipients, individual awards and proposed programs:

  • Boys & Girls Club of Decatur, $2,500 for virtual learning support
  • Children’s Museum of Illinois, $2,500 for virtual learning support
  • Baby TALK, $5,000 for adult education – family literacy program
  • Salvation Army, $5,000 for Pathway of Hope
  • Decatur-Macon County Opportunities Corporation (DMCOC), $10,000 for CDL certification program
  • Richland Community College (RCC), $10,000 for the EnRich program and $10,000 for Project Read
  • Workforce Investment Solutions, $98,500 for LPN scholarships, RN scholarships, accelerated welding at RCC, essential skills at Oasis Day Center and seven youth work experiences
  • Beautify Decatur Coalition, $2,000 for operating support
  • Macon County Conservation District Foundation, $6,500 for operating support